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Classic Hunter Semillon

Bluegrass Cabernet Sauvignon

Bluegrass Cabernet Sauvignon

Saddler's Creek Winery

Saddler's Creek Winery


Its all about you!

What is this strange named club all about? I hear you say.

With a few words we want to let you in on one of the wine industry’s best kept secrets.

Equus Membership allows you to have some of the best possible wine buying opportunities and more importantly to be involved in what we refer to as a unique wine experience.

We, at Saddler’s Creek endeavour to make the very best wines possible. To do this we know we can only approach our wine making on a small manageable scale and we are delighted to make small quantities of each of our premium product. We are committed to this approach and believe it is the only future for all small boutique producers of hand crafted premium wines.

You will not find our wines on the shelves of the big supermarket styled retailers. We simply do not have enough product. We in fact sell 85% of our wines directly to our loyal band of wine loving customers, cutting out middle price margins and allowing us to offer you all our wines at best price & superior quality.

This is where Club Equus comes in. As we say:

“if you love our wines you must consider an Equus Membership.
It is simply the best way to enjoy our premium product at the best pricing

As a member you receive many benefits and price advantages that alone makes membership an imperative to the lovers of Saddler’s Wine.

The best part is that membership is free of charge!

Why not take a tour through our website and see the advantages of membership. To find out what those advantages are, go to our Membership privileges page.

There are some particular benefits listed in the privileges page that may need to be expanded upon.

Here are our suggestions:

Equus Collection more than anything, makes your membership unique. Have a look at why they are so special.

Club Packs. Only Equus members have the privilege of receiving 3 packs a year of very special wine at very special prices. These packs are conveniently delivered to your door each quarter. Visit this page to see what you would receive in your first year of membership and the excellent savings available.

So whats the wine experience? We suggest you go to the members Online Calendar to see our upcoming events and tastings. Its all about having fun and enjoying the best of wine and food.

After that, have a good look around the rest of the website. If you do in fact join you will love the simplicity and ease of using this site. In fact it is another benefit!

If you like what you see and are keen to proceed the rest is easy, simply fill out the Online Form.

Otherwise if you would like to have a chat on any aspect of an Equus Membership please feel free to ring anyone of our team, Rhonda, Nick, Brett on 1800 24 WINE (9463).

Here are some Quick Links:

Cheers and hope to meet you soon at one of our salubrious occasions.

From all the Team at CLUB EQUUS.